BSBITU101 Operate a personal computer - Question cards

BSBITU101 Operate a personal computer - Question cards

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This file contains the question cards aligned to the content of this unit of competency and are the main component of the game.

There are:

  1. 45 content questions (LEARN cards)
  2. 15 scenario questions (WHAT if? cards)
  3. 45 language, literacy and numeracy (MEANING cards)

This set of cards will take approximately 2 hours for a group of 2-6 players to work through, usually. Students are encouraged to talk through their answers which may slow down the game but offers the opportunity for students to fully explain what they know and possibly gain a 'competent' assessment.

Due to the more extensive number of questions in this kit, it is suggested that you chunk them for 2 or 3 shorter games, or allocate longer than the usual 1 hour to play. This is also an ideal way to 'level' up the game and give students the opportunity to gain confidence with the easier questions before attempting the more advanced ones.

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