About the game and activity types

Question cards

These are the questions used with the Board and challenge the students to answer questions about what they have learnt in your class. They cover the content of the Unit of Competency, scenarios and the language, literacy and numeracy embedded within the industry and the unit.

You are encouraged to update these as needed.

Games using the question cards will take about 1 hour to play.

Online quiz games

Games for online learning - make online interactive and engaging for learners and trainers!

The online games are for trainers running online classes and webinars to engage and have some fun with distance learners. The quizzes use a PowerPoint version of a jeopard-like games format to engage learners in more interactive learning and engagement with their fellow webinites.

These resources CAN BE CUSTOMISED by the trainer. Trainers can add, replace and update questions and answers as needed.

This game will take approx 20 mins to play.

THINK game

This is essentially a game of Concentration where students (1-2 players) take the pack of cards, turn them face down and select two cards. If they match, they keep them. If the cards don’t match, they turn them face down again and they try again (or the second player has a turn).

The aim of this game is to assist students to review content of the unit of competency.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

The language, literacy and numeracy associated with units of competency traditionally are taught indirectly. Sometimes trainers have classes with support needs around these either through being new to the Australian work environment or have specific language and/or learning needs.

These activity sheets will help trainers ensure learners improve their skills in the industry language, literacy and numeracy requirements and be more fully competent in the unit content.



What do I need to buy to have a functional board game?


a) Purchase the STARTER pack for the unit of competency you want to use with your class. This will give you everything you need to play the board game.


b) Purchase items separately:

  1. Select the game board for the training package you are teaching eg BSB or CHC - one board is all that is needed per training package. This file includes the rules for the game and a tally sheet for points gained by players.
  2. Select the question cards for units of competency you want eg BSBADM405, BSBWHS401 - you will probably need to purchase a number of these files depending on what you are teaching. 
  3. Select the ANSWER booklet for the units question cards you have selected. This is an editable file should you wish to update answers.
  4. Select the Trainer tracking sheet (you only need to do this once- it can be used for all of the units)
  5. Purchase these files and download to your computer
  6. Print the game board and cards. You might like to laminate these if you plan to use them more than once. The cards should be printed back to back and trimmed into individual cards ready for game play.
  7. Print off the Rules, Answers and tally sheet for students to track the points they gain.
  8. Play the game and track the student answers and discussion using the Trainers' tracking sheet.

Can I change the questions? What is the impact?

Yes. You can make or change questions as you wish if you have a Word document. You are encouraged to update the questions and answers to meet changes in the industry or to improve information.

Don’t forget that you need to validate your assessment activities to meet ASQA requirements. This is particularly important if you change the questions or answers.

How do I run the online quiz game?

This is just a PowerPoint with hyperlinks embedded that will jump you to the answer, leader board and quiz board. Use your mouse to click on the appropriate items and it will jump to that page.

Set up your webinar as usual and run the PowerPoint as 'Show' as usual. Click on the selected questions and answers. You can either keep a tally by using the onscreen writer in PowerPoint to write the points tally in the leader board, or just keep a tally on paper. If you are recording the webinar, you can use this as evidence for assessment purposes if you have used the webinar with that intent.

Are the language literacy and numeracy activities all that I need to use for each unit of competency?

Not necessarily. It depends on your learners and what they need. Learners with significant English language, literacy or numeracy issues may need further support to develop their vocabulary and reading and writing as well as an understanding of the Australian workplace and related culture.

As a trainer it is up to you to ensure learners are fully competent in all aspects of the unit being assessed.

How do I conduct a validation of the resources?

See: https://www.asqa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net3521/f/FACT_SHEET_Conducting_validation.pdf?v=1513901314  


 What are 'serious games'?

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serious_game 

Who is Vocational Training Materials Australia?

I am Julie Esson, founder and Managing Director of Vocational Training Materials Australia (such a long name!) and I offer some of the lateral ideas and resources I have developed over the years that I worked with adult learners across Australia.

For 25 years I was an adult literacy teacher and team taught in a wide range of vocational areas. My students were in the western suburbs of Sydney and in the past 8 years have been in the cities and remote areas of the Top End of Australia (WA, NT and FNQ).

I hold a B.Ed, Post Grad Dip in Policy and Applied Social Research, Dip TAE VET, Dip TAE Training Design and Development and Dip Project Management. I now work as an independent Instructional Designer.