Learning trends for 2019

I love watching the trends and feel ever-so-slightly smug when I realise I've been working on the things that are developing as a trend. I got into social media when it first started and now happily play in the games and gamification area.

The article: 6 eLearning Trends: What Can We Expect Going Into 2019 And Beyond? has a great list of where e-learning and learning in general is going over the next few years. We love tech, and it has brought some wonderful innovations to both children and adult's educational resources. The world is a lot more accessible and certainly smaller than it used to be. People can visit the most remote places in the world using virtual reality. Old people have a friend to help them in their AI robots, and game-based/ gamified learning (not the same thing) are making learning a lot more fun and measurably more memorable.

So what's trending?

  • Microlearning
  • Artificial Intelligence For Learning Assistance
  • Gamification And Game-Based Learning
  • AR/VR/MR
  • Video Learning
  • Big Data

A question around this though is... how accessible is all of this for most people? What will the cost be, both in $ terms and in human terms? And more importantly, will it bring us the happiness, independence, quality of life we crave?

My thinking is that not all new trends are great, but sometimes you have to work through them to find the thing that is actually better and produces what you really want. What I want is human connection and great conversation, people that understand me and will discuss ideas and events with an educated, informed and challenging view. Some of the tech that is trending will work and some will fall by the wayside over time... as always happens... you know that pie-maker in the back of the kitchen cupboard that you never use anymore that was a game-changer when you bought it?????

A big HR trend is training in soft skills... and how do you do that? Stand at the front of a room waving your finger and telling people to be nice? Give them a script to read that sounds so fake the customer is more annoyed and disengaged? How about playing games where people learn real skills... customer service, good manners, good body language... getting ideas about what works... we humans are a complex and interesting lot, maybe we need to remember that we can also learn from each other and being nice, being friends is actually a good thing.What I think will be a winner over time will be the games. Because they've been around forever as a concept. People love to play games in all kinds of formats, and the rewards of winning a whole game or just the prize within the game can always make the player feel pretty good. There's no such thing as too much happiness... and it's rare that when something positive doesn't make us want to do it again to get that success-buzz again.

If you want to know about the other trends, have a read at: 6 eLearning Trends: What Can We Expect Going Into 2019 And Beyond? and also check out their reference list for some other interesting related articles.

I'd love to hear your thoughts... let's talk...

Julie :-)

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