Launch day!


I'm so excited that today Vocational Training Materials Australia launches and the training materials are finally available to you.

So what are these training materials?

What makes them different?

Why are they of value to trainers and students?

Why: These games are a great way to both review training with your groups and assess whether they are learning what is needed, while they have some fun. They talk through their understanding of the topics and give you, as the trainer, a window into their progress.

Who: The resources are for teachers and trainers or your Registered Training Organisation to purchase.

The games though, are targetted to all students studying Australian Training Packages qualifications who might benefit from a different way of being assessed. Game-based activities are great for knowledge-based assessment and are part of a holistic assessment plan. Skills will still need to be assessed in a more practical setting as described in the Unit of Competency.


From the VocationalTrainingMaterialsAustralia site you will need to buy:

  •  a game board matched to the training package you are teaching eg BSB board.
These three resources work together and are required to run one game.
  • a set of question cards for the unit of competency you're teaching eg BSBADM405 Organise Meetings - Questions.
You then only need to buy additional Question and Answer files for each Unit of Competency that you teach.
  • The question and answer booklet that summarises all of the cards and the suggested answers eg BSBADM405 Organise meetings - Answers.
One game will take about 1 hour to play.


If you teach online or want a shorter game (20 mins maybe) you need to buy:

  • A Quiz for each unit you teach eg BSBADM Oganise meetings - Quiz . These are used mainly for 'live' online webinar games but can be used in class as well. The questions are a selection from the Answer booklet for that Unit.

You need to download a 'dice' app or supply an actual set of dice and some playing pieces for the board game (not the online Quiz).


How: After you purchase the files needed, print them off (expand to A3 size if you can - this is the best size to use for the board and question cards), laminate if you wish, cut up the question cards and you're ready to go.


Tip: If you want to use the games for assessment consider:

1. videoing the game-play so you have evidence of their answers and therefore why you granted a 'competent' result.

2. Customising questions for the group, and the answers. These documents then go together with your resulting evidence.

Don't forget: You need to validate your resources periodically to meet the ASQA Standards. Compliance with this requirement connects to accreditation for your RTO so please add validating these resources to your calendar.

Happy playing and please visit the Facebook page and let me know how its working for you and your classes.

If you have ideas or requests for other resources, you can leave a comment there. :-)




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